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I am drawn to decay and deterioration of objects and my printmaking has always been about texture, whether reproducing old photographs to emphasise the marks and scratches they have acquired over their lifetime, or representing the crumbling and decay of old buildings showing the life they have had.

Etching and collagraph let me explore texture further because they show the physical depth of the plate in the print.

Collagraph in particular allows me incorporate my love of fabric and sewing, by stitching into either plate, print or both. Making collagraph plates is my way of expressing the feelings, emotions and thoughts I want to convey through a piece of work.

Adding needlework, ribbon or fabric has become a large part of my printmaking and means the majority of my prints are unique in that they may be the same image but the colour, additions or stitching may vary.

The thrill of turning over the paper after pulling a print never diminishes.



Print below: 'Bodice II'

Collagraph and mixed media


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