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Old black and white photographs are intriguing, in particular 'found photographs'. They represent a trace, a fragment, a small slice of someone’s life that we will never fully know. Photographs are also a reminder of absence.  These photographs, particularly old vintage photographs, show a captured moment now gone, a memory faded and a life lost. They are a witness that an event happened, someone stood in front of a camera for a split second and decades later we can only imagine the how or why. Perhaps it was to commemorate a special occasion, or the reminder of a perfect day.

One such image was a battle scarred old family photographic postcard of a young first world war soldier. The only clue to who he was is a simple message on the back  saying  'Yours sincerely cousin Frank'.

Who was cousin Frank?  What happened to him?

We all have a 'cousin Frank' somewhere in our family history. An old photograph of somebody no longer clearly remembered, a vague memory, a shadow of a past life. Cousin Frank became a symbol of  our work.

Our prints are produced using a range of traditional photographic techniques and print making processes.

  • Photogravure

  • Etching

  • Photo Lithography

  • Cyanotype

  • Collagraph

  • Solarplate 

  • Drypoint and engraving

Image: 'Cousin Frank'

Examples of our work can be found in our galleries.

Please note that due to the nature of unique prints the colours may vary.

Exhibition Why not come and view our work in 'fill This Space at:
the Alfred East Gallery Kettering

One Day Printmaking Workshops

We run a range of print making  one day courses on a variety of subjects  at our studios at Fineshade. Workshops include lino cutting, drypoint, Collagraph,  Solarplate  Etching, Photo-etching, Cyanotype and other techniques.

Also available is  a half day workshop about preparing and mounting art work for display.

 Please contact us for further details.

To book our workshops running in May and June please follow this link: Workshops

Frame Making

The charm of a piece of art work or photograph can be enhanced by the age old tradition of picture framing. Creative use of mount and mouldings can display art in a way that reflects and brings out its best characteristics,  whether it is a more traditional piece of art or a more contemporary one.

We can provide a custom framing service and produce for you a picture frame from your choice of mount and moulding.


Memories are important. Do you have a favourite holiday, occasion or  person that you want to remember. We can turn your photograph into a print using your choice of medium, making a unique artwork using  either intaglio, photogravure, lithography or cyanotype.



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